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Mr. Muscle Kiwi dranex drain cleaner powder – 50g pouch ( Pack of 5 )

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About item:

  • Brand and Product:- Mr. Muscle Kiwi Dranex Drain cleaner powder
  • Item Weight:- Drainex Drain cleaner pouch of 50grams – ( Pack of 5 pieces )
  • Item Uses:- This Drain cleaner powder can be used in Sink drain, Toilet Drain, Bathroom drain, Washbasin drain, Washbasin Drain, and many more places.
  • Scent:- Unscented
  • Key Features:- It is durable and long lasting



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Introducing the Mr. Muscle Kiwi Dranex Drain cleaner powder for cleaning Drain pipes. The Mr. Muscle Kiwi Dranex Drain Cleaner is designed to effectively address common household plumbing issues, specifically in kitchen sinks, wash basins, and tubs. Here’s a detailed explanation of the product information:

  1. Cleans Blocked Drain Pipes: This drain cleaner is formulated to tackle and eliminate blockages in your drain pipes. It’s particularly useful for clearing clogs that may be caused by food particles, grease, hair, and other debris that accumulate over time.

  2. Melts Kitchen Grease & Hair: The powerful formula of this drain cleaner can effectively dissolve and remove kitchen grease and hair from your pipes. Grease and hair can be major culprits when it comes to clogged drains, and this product is designed to address these common issues.

  3. Can Be Used in Kitchen Sink, Wash Basin, and Tub: This versatile product is suitable for use in various areas of your home, including the kitchen sink, wash basin, and tub. It’s a convenient solution for multiple drain-related problems throughout your household.

  4. Preserves Pipe and Septic Tank Integrity: A key benefit of Mr. Muscle Kiwi Dranex Drain Cleaner is that it can melt away blockages without harming your pipes or septic tanks. This ensures that your plumbing system remains in good condition while effectively resolving clogs.

  5. Heavy Duty Drain Cleaner: This product is categorized as a heavy-duty drain cleaner, meaning it is powerful enough to tackle stubborn blockages in the pipes of washbasins and sinks. Whether it’s accumulated food particles or other debris, this cleaner is up to the task.

  6. Frequent Use in Washbasins: Since washbasins are frequently used in households, they are more susceptible to clogging. This drain cleaner is designed to effectively remove dirt particles, including hair and food residue, which often obstruct the pipes and can lead to foul odors.

In summary, Mr. Muscle Kiwi Dranex Drain Cleaner is a versatile and effective solution for maintaining clean and free-flowing drainpipes in your kitchen and bathroom. Its powerful formula can tackle various blockages without causing harm to your plumbing system, making it a valuable addition to your household cleaning supplies. Additionally, the “Buy 4 get 1 Free” offer makes it an attractive choice for those looking to stock up on drain cleaning solutions.

How to use Mr. Muscle Kiwi Dranex Drain Cleaner Powder

To use Mr. Muscle Kiwi Dranex Drain Cleaner powder effectively, follow these steps:

Mr. Muscle Kiwi Dranex Drain cleaner powder - effectively works on Kitchen sink, Washbasin, Drain pipe, Bathroom Drain, and many more.

Here is the steps that How to use Mr. Muscle Kiwi Dranex Drain Cleaner.

This is shows the 3 and 4 steps of How to use Mr. Muscle Kiwi Dranex Drain Cleaner powder.

This image shows the result of using Mr. Muscle Kiwi Dranex Drain Cleaner powder - omghaar.

1. Safety Precautions: Before you begin, ensure you have appropriate safety gear, such as gloves and safety glasses, to protect your hands and eyes. Keep the area well-ventilated as the product may release fumes.

2. Measure the Recommended Amount: Check the packaging for specific usage instructions. Typically, you’ll need to measure out the recommended amount of Mr. Muscle Kiwi Dranex Drain Cleaner powder based on the severity of the clog.

3. Pour the Powder into the Drain: Carefully pour the measured powder directly into the clogged drain. Make sure to pour it as close to the drain opening as possible.

4. Add Water: After adding the powder, follow it up with a sufficient amount of warm water. The water helps activate the cleaner and initiate the cleaning process.

5. Allow Time for the Cleaner to Work: Leave the product to work for the specified duration, typically as indicated on the packaging. This gives the cleaner time to dissolve and break down the clog.

6. Rinse with More Water: After the recommended waiting period, flush the drain with additional warm water. This step helps to clear away the dissolved clog and any remaining residue.

7. Repeat if Necessary: For stubborn clogs, you may need to repeat the process. Follow the instructions on the packaging for the best results.

8. Dispose of Empty Packaging Safely: Properly dispose of the emptied packaging and any remaining product as directed on the packaging or according to local waste disposal regulations.

9. Clean Up: Ensure that you clean any spills or splashes immediately and dispose of any materials used, such as gloves or protective gear, properly.

10. Follow Safety Instructions: Always adhere to the safety guidelines provided on the product packaging to minimize any potential risks associated with handling drain cleaners.

Remember to use this product as directed, and don’t mix it with other cleaning products or chemicals, as this can be hazardous. If the clog persists or if you have concerns about using Kiwi Dranex drain cleaner, it may be a good idea to seek professional plumbing assistance.

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Mr. Muscle Kiwi dranex drain cleaner powder – 50g pouch ( Pack of 5 )
Mr. Muscle Kiwi dranex drain cleaner powder – 50g pouch ( Pack of 5 )


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