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Harpic Drain cleaner powder – Harpic Drain Xpert ( 50g x 8 )

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About item:-

  • Brand and Product:- Harpic Drain cleaner powder – Harpic drain Xpert.
  • Items:- 400grams ( 50grams x 8 )
  • Product Benefits:- It melts grease and hair to unblock the drain pipe completely in 30 minutes.
  • Scent:- Unscented
  • State matter:- Solid


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Harpic Drain Xpert Powder: Your Ultimate Solution for Clogged Drains! If are you tired of dealing with stubborn clogged drains? Say goodbye to those frustrating blockages and hello to hassle-free drain cleaning with Harpic Drain Xpert Powder. This remarkable product is your go-to solution for tackling even the most challenging drain issues.

Introducing the best Harpic Drain cleaner - Harpic drain Xpert - omghaar.

Key Benefits of Harpic Drain Cleaner Powder

Let's check the key benefits of Harpic drain cleaner powder on omghaar.

  • Cleared Clogged Drainpipes: Harpic Drain Xpert Powder is specially formulated to effectively clear even the toughest clogs, restoring your drains to their optimal functionality.
  • Melted Grease and Hair: This powerful powder goes to work, dissolving and melting away grease and hair, which are common culprits in drain blockages.
  • Quick Unblocking: You won’t have to wait around for hours. Harpic Drain Xpert Powder gets the job done in just 30 minutes, saving you time and frustration.
  • Sinks Through Standing Water: It doesn’t matter if your drain is filled with standing water; Harpic Drain Xpert Powder sinks through, reaching the root of the problem.
  • No Pipe or Fitting Damage: Unlike some harsh chemical drain cleaners, this product is safe to use. It won’t harm your pipes, sinks, or septic tanks, ensuring the longevity of your plumbing system.

Usage Instructions:

works on all drain types - omghaar.

  • Remove Excess Water: Begin by removing any excess water from the blocked drain and take out the strainer basket.
  • Empty the Contents: Empty the entire contents of Harpic Drain Xpert Powder into the drain.
  • Add Water: Add a cup of water to the powder and leave it to work its magic for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse with Water: After 30 minutes, flush the drain with water, and you’re all set!

How to use Harpic Drain cleaner Powder ( Harpic Drain Xpert )

Here, We has explained that How to use Harpic Drain cleaner powder - Harpic drain xpert by omghaar.

Here are the four steps for using Harpic Drain Cleaner Powder ( Harpic Drain Xpert ) in detail:

Step 1: Remove Excess Water from the Sink:- Before applying Harpic Drain Cleaner Powder, start by removing any excess water from the sink or the clogged drain. You can use a small container or a towel to soak up the standing water. It’s essential to ensure that the drain is as dry as possible to allow the powder to work effectively.

Step 2: Empty the Entire Contents into the Drain:- Open the Harpic Drain Cleaner Powder container and carefully pour the entire contents directly into the blocked drain. Make sure that the powder goes down into the drainpipe. This is where the powerful cleaning action will take place. Ensure that you pour it evenly and avoid any spillage outside the drain.

Step 3: Add a Cup of Water and Leave It for 30 Minutes:- After pouring the powder into the drain, take a cup of water and add it to the drain on top of the powder. This step activates the cleaning process. The water will mix with the powder, creating a powerful solution that will work to break down and dissolve grease, hair, and other blockage materials within the drainpipe. Leave the mixture undisturbed for a full 30 minutes. During this time, the product is working to melt away the clog.

Step 4: Pour Water to Clean the Drain:- Once the 30 minutes have passed, it’s time to finish the process. Take a container of water and pour it down the drain to flush out the dissolved clog and remaining residue. The water will help carry away any remaining debris, leaving your drain clear and free-flowing. It’s essential to pour a sufficient amount of water to thoroughly clean the drain.

By following these four simple steps, you can effectively use Drain Cleaner Powder to clear clogged drains and maintain the smooth operation of your plumbing system. Remember to exercise caution when handling the product and to read and follow all safety instructions provided on the packaging.

Harpic Drain Xpert Powder is a game-changer when it comes to drain cleaning. It’s designed specifically for use in blocked drains, targeting grease and hair clogs effectively. With its quick 30-minute action, you can regain the free flow of water in your drains without any hassle. What’s more, you can trust Harpic to take care of your plumbing – it won’t harm your pipes, sinks, or septic tanks. Whether you have kitchen sinks, bathroom drains, or any type of pipe, Harpic Drain Xpert Powder is the ultimate solution for you.

Don’t let clogged drains disrupt your daily routine. Experience the power of Harpic Drain Xpert Powder and say goodbye to stubborn blockages. With its proven performance and pipe-friendly formula, you can count on Harpic to keep your drains running smoothly.

Order your Harpic Drain Xpert Powder today and enjoy the convenience of a clog-free home!

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Harpic Drain cleaner powder – Harpic Drain Xpert ( 50g x 8 )
Harpic Drain cleaner powder – Harpic Drain Xpert ( 50g x 8 )


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