Gas stove lighter cleaning Guide from Professional

Are you looking to clean gas lighter and searching online, “How to clean gas lighter“. In this article, we will guide you to gas lighter cleaning. Let’s know, How to clean gas stove lighter.

Gas Lighter cleaning guide - video

I hope you have understand the process of cleaning gas lighter with the help of Caustic soda by above video. However, If you want to read the process then below written in detail. 

How to Clean Gas lighter with Caustic Soda?

The steps to clean gas stove lighter with the help of caustic soda easily and faster.

  • Step 1: Firstly, Dissemble the gas lighter.
  • Step 2: Keep Dissemble gas stove lighter in tray. Wear Hand gloves and Sprinkle the Caustic soda on the top of the filters.  ( Be careful while using Caustic soda )

How to clean gas lighter with caustic soda or gas lighter cleaning - Omghaar

  • Step 3: Boil water and pour the hot water in the tray, Please Some distance between you and tray. Because fumes will come while adding hot water, don’t inhale deeply. 
  • Step 4:- Keep it rest for two hours. 
  • Step 5: Open the water tap directly on the tray, and wait till see the clean water in the tray. 
  • Step 6: It’s sprinkling, Free out of oil or Grease and Finally assemble gas lighter. 

I hope you have clean your gas lighter easily with caustic soda

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